These are some of the comments participants made after taking my course:


"Ingrid has been our first aid instructor exclusively since 2010.  She is very professional, dependable and reliable.  Ingrid takes great pride in ensuring that each Team Member completes the course with a firm understanding of first aid procedures.  She has been very accommodating over the years and I would  not hesitate to recommend her."

Kylie Belanger

"Ingrid has been our certified Canadian Red Cross instructor for many years and we have always been pleased with her instruction and comprehensive training.  She takes pride in teaching the course and impressing the importance and value of this certification.  Ingrid is professional and practical in her instruction."

Alison Lines

"Course was extensive.  Wish I took the full course.  I will in the future.  It was very informative.  A lot to cover--was well covered.  I learned so much.  Thank you."

Joyce Yee



"We had fun taking your course.  Appreciated your teaching style.  Thank you so much.  Keep in touch."

Dario Razum


"Thank you so much for being so enthusiastic."

Melinda Chalmers


"I don't think anyone could have taught this course any better than Ingrid did."

Faith Elsbury


"Extremely well done course.  I feel very comfortable with using the new skills I have acquired."

Caroline Armstrong


"Friendly.  Well knowledged.   Easy to ask questions."

Robyn Clayfield


"Ingrid made the course enjoyable and I enjoyed the mini match-up quizzes to test our knowledge and

re-enacting scenarios to reinforce CPR/1st Aid techniques."

Nicole Forse


"Ingrid was very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable.  Highly recommend.!"

Nancy Partington


"Ingrid is a great teacher!  She presents the material in a very clear and thorough manner.  A great way to learn First Aid and CPR!"

Alissa Partington


"I was worried that this course would be really dull, but with Ingrid, it was fun and informative."

Brittany Lavergne


"It was a great experience.  Learned a lot from the role play and scenario practice."

Cheng Zhou


"Ingrid was fabulous.  Perfect mix of serious and fun." 

Tracey Kerkhoven

"Very helpful, clear and concise.  Everything was explained well and I feel prepared!"

Andrew Walmsley

"I loved Ingrid.  That's all!. She's so easy-going and informative w/o being overbearing with information.  I highly recommend her to everyone who wants this training."

Alexis Kemp

-Extremely helpful and answered all my questions thoroughly.  Ingrid didn't rush anything and made sure all of the students were comfortable moving forward."

Brad Dawe







My name is Ingrid Hardy.  My business name is Ingrid Hardy Emergency Training.  I have been teaching first aid for the Canadian Red Cross since May, 2007. I became a Red Cross Training Partner in December 2014.  "Training Partner" means I have my own business but I have my own financial account.  I have to follow the Red Cross protocol.  Red Cross courses are WSIB approved. Red Cross and I are responsbile of ensuring that my certificate is valid.

I teach first aid because I believe it is a life skill.  You can save your own life or someone else's life.  You never know when you will need the skills.  Most people take this course because they are mandated to do so by their workplace/profession.

Practising the skills is not only mandatory but it is the best way to remember what you have to do. In my class, you will get lots of time to practise so that you will feel confident in your skills especially when you take the full course instead of the quick recert course.  Full course is taking the original course...slower pace and more practical time.  Quick recert course is more fast-paced and you are expected to remember the is a quick review.  Quick recert course is not recommended for people who need more time to process the material and need more time to practice the skills.

I mainly teach at workplaces but I scheduled courses for the public as well.

For a workplace, please contact me at or call me at 613-840-5279 in order to arrange your private group course.  You may want to click on Scheduling Courses and Cancellation page first before contacting me. 


For individuals who need to take the course on his/her own, please click on Public Course and Schedule page and then find the course you need to take.  You can pay online by using the Pal Pal button in that section.  You do not have to join Pay Pal  when you want to pay with a credit card or debit. 

I am looking forward to teaching you.  Thanks for checking out my website.

You can contact me:


cell:  613-840-5279

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