I am not providing this course at the moment due to the pandemic.

Stay Safe Course is perfect for children from 9 -11 years old who want to learn how to remain safe at home by themselves, what to do at home and remain safe, how to handle phone calls and visitors.  This is a very informative and interactive course.  Your child will receive a manual.  This course starts at 8:30 AM and ends 2:00 PM.

Due to COVID-19, I am not teaching this course at all.  When it is safe to do so, if you know at least 4 children who want to take this course, I can schedule the course with you.  Please use the Contact Box below if you are interested.


Please come in the training room with your child and give me your day time phone number just in case I need to contact you during the course, especially if there is an emergency.  Please pick up your child just outside of the training room so that I know your child left the area safely.

Please tell me before the course if your child has a learning disability and how I can assist your child during the course.

Please ensure your child has his/her own lunch with plenty of snacks and drinks, since these items will not be provided by me. 


All participants need to wear pants (or shorts depending on the weather).

Subjects included in this course:

Emergency information the child needs at home.

The Fundamental Principles and Services which are provided by the Red Cross.

Staying Safe:  Rules For Everyone.

Being Responsible On My Own.

My Daily Routine.

Keeping Busy and Having Fun.

I Am Prepared.

Checking For Safety:  My Neighbourhood.

Checking For Safety:  My Home.

Identify The Poison.

Expect the Unexpected.

Fire Safety.

Home Escape Plan.

Healthy Food Choices.

Healthy Living:  Preventing Germs From Spreading.

My Amazing First Aid Kit.

First Aid:  Check, Call, Care---emergency steps to take.

How To Call EMS/911.

Recovery Position.

Choking Scenarios--Choking by yourself.

                            --Someone else is choking.


Anaphylaxis--severe allergic reaction.

Minor Cuts and Scrapes.

Life-Threatening Bleeding.


Bumps and Bruises.




Insect Stings.

Am I Ready To Be On My Own?

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