In order to schedule a First Aid training or just CPR/AED training for your group, please contact me using the Contact Box below or call/text me at 613-840-5279.


I teach at work sites, teach private group courses and provide "public" courses for individuals.  If you are willing to organize a course by providing the minimal amount of people, then you will have your own private group course.  If you want to check whether I am running a public course, please go to "Public Courses and Schedule" page.


If you belong to a business or a group of people who are interested in taking First Aid and/or CPR/BLS/AED course; when you are coordinating the course with me, we can negotiate where the course will take place.


If you are providing the training room, then there should be at least 3 people who are taking the course if it is Emergency First Aid or CPR/BLS course, but a minimum of 5 people if it is the two-day Standard First Aid or Marine Basic First Aid course.

If your business is providing a training room, then your business will be invoiced for the course fee after the course (if it is a regular "in class" course).  Since I had trouble getting paid from a workplace, I now will implement 5% interest if I do not receive my payment within a month after the completion of the course.

If I need to rent a training room, then a requirement of at least 5 people are necessary for the two-day course to go ahead and I might ask for a deposit ($200).  For one-day course, at least 4 people are necessary for the one-day course to go ahead and I might ask for a deposit of $100.  This deposit is not refundable when your business cancels the course completely.  If the course is being postponed, the deposit is still valid only if the training site does not charge me for the postponement.   If your business does not have enough people to be trained, then your employees can sign up for one of my "Public Courses,"  but full payment is expected upon registration.

Individuals:   You are required to pay me in full prior to the course.  If you are sick at the time of the course, please do not come since you will infect other people.   You can sign up for my next available course instead of getting a refund since your payment will be honoured. The same applies if you can not attend the course for another reason.  Notification from you will be appreciated.  Failure to notify me prior to the course if you can not attend or no show means no refund.  I make a commitment to teach my courses and I am respecting your time.  I expect the same in return.


If you are looking for a Babysitter Course, please see Babysitter Course page for the schedule. 


Methods of payment:

-Online payment is available on Public Courses and Schedule page for First Aid and CPR/AED courses.  Online payment for Babysitter Course can be made on Babysitter course page.   Pay Pal is set up but you do not have to join Pay Pal to make a payment with a credit card or debit.  

-As an individual, please use the Pay Pal button in the correct section.. 

-As a business, payment options are business cheque, direct deposit, and Pay Pal buttons on my website.


I will reschedule a course when the road is unsafe. 

I will reschedule a course when I can not find an alternate instructor when I have an emergency or if I am ill. 

Due to COVID-19, all participants are expected to provide his/her own face mask which covers the nose and mouth during the course.  In order to keep my fees down, I expect participants/workplaces to provide his/her/their own non-latex gloves since gloves are required to be worn at all times.  However, when you have to use the bathroom, you are required to take off your gloves, wash your hands and use a new set of gloves.  I estimate that each person for a half day course will need at least 4 gloves and 10 gloves for a full day course.  I also ask participants/workplaces to provide his/her/their own hand sanitizers.

Within the last 2 weeks prior to the date of the course, please do NOT attend my course if you not been following the COVID protocol; you have traveled outside of the Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, Hastings. Prince Edward, Leeds and Grenville counties, North and South Frontenac counties; you have been in COVID high risk areas or you were exposed to someone who was in high risk areas; you have COVID or contagious or have a fever; you had contact with anyone or cared for a person who had/has COVID-19; or you have problems breathing.  If you cared for someone who had/has COVID-19 and had contact with anyone who had COVID, please get yourself tested a couple of days before the course date, send the negative result to my e-mail address the day before the course date to ensure that you are COVID safe.


As required by WSIB and Red Cross, each participant is expected to go through the self assessment tool before the course, but on the same day of the course Please print out the page which indicates that you are COVID safe, sign it and hand in the page to me.  You are expected to be responsible and be COVID safe. 

Workplaces are expected to decontaminate the training room as required by the Health Department.  When I teach at a workplace, I am asking the workplace to provide enough gloves and hand sanitizer for the employees while I provide my own gloves and hand sanitizer for myself.  Thank you.



Please contact me directly:

Phone or Text:  613-840-5279


E-mail: or use the contact form below


Thank you.