Ingrid Hardy Emergency Training is pleased to provide a Babysitter Course on Friday June 26 (At the moment, due to the coronavirus situation, please do not pay for June 26 Babysitter Course.  Please wait and see how the situation is in Kingston first).   This course is recommended for those children who are 11 -15 years old who want to be good babysitters. Please use the registration form or contact me at with the information.  Please inform me if your child has a learning disability or allergies during the registration process.


Cost is $56.50 which includes tax, manual, certificate and a few hand outs.  Pay Pal button is set up at the bottom of the page if you want to pay with a credit card or debit.  You do not have to join Pay Pal in order to use it.

This course starts at 8:30 A.M. and ends between 4 PM.  Since this course is actually longer than the normal school hours, please prepare your child for a long day.  The course is very informative and interactive.  Your child is expected to participate in order to meet the course requirement.


The training is held at 4034 Bath Road, at Collins Bay across from Tim Horton's and Ultramar gas station.  Please see the map at the bottom of this page.  Please enter from the east side of the building and follow my signs in order to find the training room.

Please come in the training room with your child in order to fill out a form giving me the required information I need especially the day time phone number just in case an emergency occurred during the course. An adult needs to sign in with the child.  At the end of the session, please wait just outside the training room and then you are required to sign out your child so that I know your child left safely with you.  If your child is allowed to go home on his/her own, this can be indicated on the form.


Please ensure that your child has many snacks, drinks as well as a lunch pack since these items will NOT be provided.  The Legion has a restaurant as well.

Your child is required to bring a doll or a stuffed animal to the course.

All participants need to wear pants (or shorts depending on the weather).

At the bottom of this page, there is a Pay Pal button you can use in order to pay me with a credit card or debit.  You do not have to join Pay Pal to use this service.  There is also a map to indicate where the training will take place.  Please use the Contact Box at the bottom of this page to give me the necessary information I need.  Thank you.




The Canadian Red Cross

Being A Responsible Leader

Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect


There are 4 age groups which will be covered:  Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-Aged Children. 


The following topics will be discussed while each age group is covered:  developmental stages, typical common issues in that particular age group, what type of food to feed, sleeping issues,  certain precautions, toys and games which are appropriate for that particular age group, and how to manage different behaviours.


Creating Safe Environments--at home--suffocating and choking, poison prevention, medication, hazardous material

                                            --fire safety, scalding and burn prevention

                                            --playtime safety---bumps, bruises, blows, falls

                                            --community safety

                                            --water safety

                                            --rural babysitting

                                            --personal safety and security--dealing with strangers, on the phone, when a visitor comes, online safety, social media


Appropriate Touch/Inappropriate Touch


How To Handle Emergencies and First Aid.  (When your child is minimally 13 years old, it is highly recommended for your child to take the Standard First Aid course afterwards.  The Babysitting course covers CPR briefly).


Please use the Contact Box below to give me the information I need when you are registering your child for the Babysitting Course or e-mail me at giving me the same information I indicated in the Contact Box.  Please indicate in the Message area if your child has a learning disability and describe what I need to do in order to help your child as well as any allergies.  Thank you.

Course is available on: 

Friday June 26 is a tentative date due to the coronavirus situation.  I will wait and see how the situation is in Kingston first before accepting anymore registrations and payments.  If you decide to pay with credit card or debit anyways passed the date of this notification (March 13), if the class is cancelled indefinitely until further notice and you want a refund, you will get the course fee minus Pay Pal fee minus e-transfer fee ($54).  If you paid via e-transfer, you will get the course fee minus e-transfer fee ($56).  If you agree I keep the registration and payment until it is safe for me to run the course, then I will notify you once it is set.  Thank you.


To register your child, please use the box below.  Thanks.




























Please contact me when the Pay Pal button is not working.  Thanks.



If you have any questions:


Cell Phone or Text:  613-840-5279






My name is Ingrid Hardy.  My business name is Ingrid Hardy Emergency Training.  I have been teaching first aid for the Canadian Red Cross since May, 2007. I became a Red Cross Training Partner in December 2014.  "Training Partner" means I have my own business but I have my own financial account.  I have to follow the Red Cross protocol.  Red Cross courses are WSIB approved. Red Cross and I are responsbile of ensuring that my certificate is valid.

I teach first aid because I believe it is a life skill.  You can save your own life or someone else's life.  You never know when you will need the skills.  Most people take this course because they are mandated to do so by their workplace/profession.

Practising the skills is not only mandatory but it is the best way to remember what you have to do. In my class, you will get lots of time to practise so that you will feel confident in your skills especially when you take the full course instead of the quick recert course.  Full course is taking the original course...slower pace and more practical time.  Quick recert course is more fast-paced and you are expected to remember the is a quick review.  Quick recert course is not recommended for people who need more time to process the material and need more time to practice the skills.

I mainly teach at workplaces but I scheduled courses for the public as well.

For a workplace, please contact me at or call me at 613-840-5279 in order to arrange your private group course.  You may want to click on Scheduling Courses and Cancellation page first before contacting me. 


For individuals who need to take the course on his/her own, please click on Public Course and Schedule page and then find the course you need to take.  You can pay online by using the Pal Pal button in that section.  You do not have to join Pay Pal  when you want to pay with a credit card or debit. 

I am looking forward to teaching you.  Thanks for checking out my website.

You can contact me:


cell:  613-840-5279

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